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Cover and spread for CHERRYBOY magazine


Editors note:

The theme of edition 5 is titled BIZARRE, working to host all mediums comfortably with no limit to genre. BIZARRE can be used in a plethora of different ways, to me it projects pictorial and dreamlike thoughts, an unexplainable feeling and evokes the ‘can’t not look’. The theme exists very contrastingly in each contributing feature. 

Part of the interview with Matt Henry: 'Winnie Hall is the welcome counter to the academic artist. Her work displays a curiosity, humour and delight in the mundane that shrugs off the pressure for social comment, technical perfection, and pompous references to art history. Giant sculpted Wotsit packets, pigeon heads and bottles of Stella mingle with paintings featuring wry slogans, footballtattoos, and lashings of sports casuals. In Winnie’s world children are born in Adidas three- stripe, foxes gad about on skateboards, cats woof like dogs, and B-list celebrities complain about the crisps that get stuck in their teeth. Hers is an honest, tongue-in-cheek portrait of the day to day world around her.'

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Show with Emmely Elgersma based around a turkey stage we collaborated on.


'An evening celebrating everything we love to hate about Christmas through sculpture,installation,performance and painting including a large papier maché turkey stage. 


'Perfectly Lonely'

duo exhibition with Adam Leach

Our work functions around a common axis of loneliness - lonely paintings of lonely objects. Under varying focus, they are set free, enlarged, exploded, and flattened out in a rereading of solitude. It's all about attention and how it is paid. At the heart of this, we look for a moment of closeness where it feels possible to find “the universal in the particular”.

Under a rock, a coil, a crisp packet, a drinking glass, a quiet little pattern or an overlooked motif, even an experience - things shifting in and out of focus, the colour and form of something forgotten.

Loneliness can be sad and gruelling, but via painting, it can be delighted in through long stretches of humour and optimism.