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'If You Want To, You Can! 2' 105cm x 90cm, Oil on linen, 2023 .jpg
'If You Want To, You Can!'
Oil on linen, 105cm x 90cm

'Contagious Yawn Paintings 1 & 2'

Oil On Linen, 25cm x 19cm

'Tyson 3'
Oil on Linen,
25cm x 19cm

'Paul Gascoigne Posts Topless Selfie On Twitter'

Oil On Canvas,

30cm x 30cm


'We All Lean On Each Other'

Oil on canvas,

100cm x 100cm


'You Scratch My Back, And I'll Scratch Yours'

Oil on Linen,

46cm x 51cm

I'm Sorry2_edited.jpg

'I'm Sorry'

Oil on Linen, 20cm x 19cm

INSTA_DSCF0864 copy.jpg

'I Wonder If Those Are Veneers'

Oil On Linen, 27cm x 19cm & 33cm x 24cm

The Whole World Sighs_edited.jpg

'The Whole World Sighs'

Oil On Linen, 100cm x 100cm

My Vape Is Your Vape.jpg

'My Vape Is Your Vape'

coloured pencil on paper, 59cm x 84cm 

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