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Introducing This Weeks Artists:
Athen Kardashian & Nina Durban
Insta: @athenkardashian & @ninamhachdurban



I think the coming together of both your practices hits a real sweet spot! How did your collaboration first come about? Have you found the process of collaboration has changed as you have done it more often? 


Thank you! Our collaboration began when we had an informal studio visit earlier this year with the intention of creating a board together, which later became Eyes adorn your path. However, after the first thirty minutes it was clear that there was much more to do than one board and much more to discuss than a day’s worth. Through every conversation, new coincidences were realised, and views shared, that continued to lead the way for working together; being raised in London to Indian mothers, our family being from the same small part of India, our fangirl obsessions, all just being a few. The work is formed through talking and whilst we definitely have more of a formula now we still allow the work to shift and shape itself naturally, allowing repetition and serendipity to be just as much as a collaborator.


What has been the main difference for the subject of your work when you have worked together compared to on your own? 


We think our work together is braver than alone. There is so much power in knowing your experience isn’t singular and through that creating a more accessible narrative. Being able to, for example, tap into the imagery of Nina’s Nani’s fridge alongside Athen’s Nani’s poojas is extremely empowering. When pairing our ideas with our private collections (Nina’s image bank and Athen’s found items/notes) we form a new language to communicate with each other. Alongside this, we always say that our practice is formed by a maximalist and a minimalist meeting in the middle.

I really love these answers, they're so insightful and make me kinda jealous of your collaborative relationship, its definitely not easy to meet people that totally get your vision. And these connections feel so important as artists! Thank you guys! 

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